3pl’s Logistics and Transportation Strategies During Easter

Mar 29,2024
Industry News
What are the logistics challenges during Easter? How can third-party logistics service providers effectively deal with and solve such seasonal problems

Remember last year during Easter in your e-commerce store, certain items were heavily purchased due to their strong connection to holiday traditions and customs? Are you fully prepared for Easter this year? Don’t want to delay the shipment of goods and lead to returns?

What are the best-selling items during Easter?

The following items are often purchased in bulk during Easter for a variety of reasons including cultural, religious and seasonal traditions.

Easter bunny and eggs

A traditional symbol of Easter, often sold as decorations or gifts. The eggs represent rebirth and hope, while the Easter bunny symbolizes fertility and new life.

Easter shipping

Candy and chocolate

Candies, especially chocolates, are popular gifts, especially those shaped like rabbits. Parents usually buy sweets for their children


Easter-related toys, such as colored eggs and bunny-shaped toys, are best-sellers during the holiday season. They serve not only as gifts for children but also as holiday decorations

In order to create a festive atmosphere, many people will buy Easter-related decorations and wear new clothes, such as garlands, flags, bunny-shaped holiday decorations and holiday-themed clothing.

What are the logistics challenges during Easter?

seasonal demand

Easter eggs are a seasonal product, so consumer demand fluctuates throughout the year and drops sharply during the traditional three-day Easter period. Retailers struggle to accurately predict the volume and frequency of orders, while manufacturers need to overcome sourcing and shipping challenges.

Transportation Complexity

Chocolate eggs, the iconic treat of Easter celebrations, are relatively fragile, so storage and transportation must be done safely to minimize the risk of damage. Special protective packaging is used to limit and prevent damage during shipping, but this increases the overall cost of the product, takes up more space, and makes shipping to the final destination more complicated.

Product packaging

Logistics service providers help manufacturers overcome challenges in the market by providing specific localized packaging for chocolate eggs. These value-added services include artistic updates or packaging activities based on the needs of various European markets, ensuring that all products are suitable for their target regions before customs clearance.

warehouse management

About 70% of seasonal produce is purchased in the three weeks before Easter (Grocery Trader), so most of the stock will be stored for only three months before the season.

What response strategies can be adopted through third-party logistics service providers (3PL)?

demand fluctuations

Logistics service providers use historical data and market trends to forecast demand. Adjust inventory and shipping plans based on changes in seasonal demand over Easter. Stocks can be built up in the run-up to Easter to meet peak demand and then reduced at the end of the season.

Plan ahead

Work closely with 3PL service providers to plan logistics needs during Easter in advance. Understand expected sales volume, transportation volume and warehousing needs so that you can adjust your logistics strategy in a timely manner.

Optimize inventory management

Temporary warehouses can be rented through logistics providers to accommodate additional stock during the Easter seasonal peak demand period. Ensure inventory levels meet holiday demand while avoiding excessive overstocking. Adjust inventory strategies in a timely manner through real-time inventory tracking and early warning systems.

Enhance transportation capabilities

3PL service providers usually have a wider transportation network and resources, which can increase transportation capacity and improve the transportation efficiency of goods during the festival. This includes the use of different modes of transportation (e.g. sea, air, land) and flexible distribution strategies.

Customs clearance and delivery assistance

3PL service providers usually have extensive experience and resources in customs clearance and delivery, and can help solve customs clearance delays and delivery issues that may arise during the holidays. They can provide professional customs clearance services to ensure that goods pass through customs smoothly, and optimize delivery routes to improve delivery efficiency.

Information technology support

Utilize the information technology system of the 3PL service provider to realize real-time tracking and updating of logistics information. This helps sellers and buyers accurately grasp the location and status of goods, adjust the delivery time in a timely manner, and reduce inconvenience caused by information delays.

emergency plan

Develop emergency plans together with 3PL service providers to deal with possible logistics delays, cargo damage and other issues. This includes backup transportation options, emergency replenishment strategies, etc. to ensure that various emergencies can be quickly responded to during the holiday season.

By rationally utilizing the resources and advantages of third-party logistics service providers, the impact on international logistics during Easter can be effectively alleviated and logistics efficiency and customer satisfaction can be improved. At the same time, establishing long-term cooperative relationships with 3PL service providers will also help improve the overall competitiveness of the company.