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SHOPV Terms of Service

Effective date: May 1, 2022

I.Confirmation of SHOPV User Registration Agreement II.Definitions of SHOPV User Services III.Services Provided by SHOPV IV.Account Registration, Use and Cancellation V.Authorization for Automatic Deduction by SHOPV VI.Must-knows for Using SHOPV User Services VII.User's Commitments on the Legitimate Use of SHOPV Services VIII.Protection of User's Rights and Information IX.Force Majeure, Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability X.Related Rules and Agreements XI.Protection of Intellectual Property Rights XII.Governing Law

Thank you for using SHOPV Services. The SHOPV User Registration Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "this Agreement") is made and entered into by and between (hereinafter referred to as "SHOPV" or "we") and you. The proprietary and operation rights of electronic services of SHOPV are reserved by SHOPV. The user shall agree to all registration provisions and complete the registration procedure before becoming a formal SHOPV user. The provisions of this Agreement shall stipulate the rights and obligations of both parties and will remain valid.

I. Confirmation of SHOPV User Registration Agreement

1.While using the services provided by SHOPV, the user shall promise to accept and abide by the related rules. Upon the confirmation by the user, this Service Agreement will have legal effect between the user and SHOPV. Please carefully read the entire service agreement before use. If you have any questions, you can seek our explanation and clarification through our online customer service at SHOPV website or [email protected]. Clicking to proceed from this page or confirming to proceed by any other means indicate that you have agreed to this Agreement.

2.In order to provide you with better services, and in conjunction with the development of SHOPV's businesses, this Agreement will be updated accordingly. In case of any modifications to this Agreement we will release an updated version on and remind you of relevant updates by posting an announcement on the website or by other appropriate means before it takes effect. In case of significant modifications, we will also issue a more prominent notice (we will clarify the specific modifications hereto using a variety of methods, including but not limited to emails, text messages, or special reminders on the browse page). If you cannot agree to such modifications to this Agreement, you are entitled to stop using the related services; if both parties agree, you can also change the related services and the corresponding provisions of this Agreement. Logging in or continuing to use the "Services" indicate that you have accepted and agreed to all the modifications to this Agreement.

3.You shall abide by the laws of your country or region, and you shall confirm that the execution and performance of this Agreement do not conflict with the laws and regulations of the country or region where you are born, live in, or carry out operations and businesses.

II.Definitions of SHOPV User Services

1.SHOPV account (or "Account") refers to an account that we open for you to use on SHOPV after you have registered and been verified through SHOPV.

2.SHOPV user login email refers to the email you set to log in to your account.

3.Identity data refers to the data that we use to verify your identity, including but not limited to your SHOPV account, password, email verification code, phone number, mobile phone number, and other information.

4.SHOPV user website refers to and/or the SHOPV user back office, unless otherwise specified in this Agreement.

5.Balance management refers to the services such as topping-up, deduction, and withdrawal for your SHOPV account over the course of your business.

6.SHOPV Minimal User Account: Refers to the user account obtained after a user successfully registers with SHOPV website for the first time.

7.SHOPV (platform) refers to a website building tool for independent stations which is independently developed by SHOPV and perfectly connected to its system.

8.Dropshipping refers to the entire service flow in which you purchase one or more products in China and send the packaged product(s) to your designated shipping address.

9.Store Agency Service refers to the service that we will take care of the operation and management of your independent store oi your behalf. It specifically refers to the entire process during which we will operate your store based on the store-related services you selected after the acceptance of your authorization (the signing of a Store Agency Service Contract/SOP).

III. Services Provided by SHOPV

SHOPV User Service refers to a kind of international e-commerce business operation management service that we provide you with one-piece commodity agent delivery and store agent operations (only for SHOPV/Shopify/Wooccmmerce stores) as entrusted by you through the Minimalist User Account + operation agent mode.

(i)Basic Services

SHOPV provides all users with the following software functions and services free of charge by default, which will serve as a one-stop solution to kick start your e- commerce business:

1.Building/associating stores and supporting binding Shopify/WooCommerce/SHOPV store platforms, SHOPV not only creates independent stores for you with one click, but also supports binding your independent stores and provides whole-course e-commerce services such as commodity selection, order management, parcel management and international logistics.

2.Product Search/Listing, which can be synced with Chinese e-commerce marketplaces (Taobao, Tmall, 1688, etc.).

3.Account Manager will cover all your business needs with a one-stop solution, including store operation, product procurement, quality inspection, warehousing, packing, logistics and after-sales services.

(ii)Service Details

1.Basic Services refers to those services provided by SHOPV when you are using the system. SHOPV provides each user with a limited number of free-of- charge services, and fees will be charged in case of additional usage. Our basic services include synchronization with third-party platforms, product search/editing, order synchronization to SHOPV, and global shipping. 2.Value-added Services: fees will be charged for value-added services only during the process of product procurement, warehousing, packing, and international shipping. Such services include value-added services for products (pay on delivery on your behalf, threads trimming, inventory checking, personalized labeling, etc.) and value-added services for parcels (use of EPE foam, paper corner and stretch film, reinforcement with wooden frame, etc.). 3.Store Services: SHOPV provides you with a variety of paid services for store operation and management such as store decoration, product management and order management including Agency Service for store creation, product handling, order management and store operation. For service details and fee standards, please visit

(iii) Storage and destruction of goods

1.Storage. Each item shipped to SHOPV's warehouse gets 30 days of free storage (counting from the time the item is signed). Upon expiration of the 30-day free storage service, you can continue to purchase the paid storage service to extend the storage period. Typically, we will send you a reminder email 3 days before and on the day of the expiration of the storage period. Please complete the shipment in time, or purchase a paid storage service to extend the storage period.

2.Destruction. If, upon 30 days after the expiration date of the storage service, the goods are still in the warehouse and not delivered, and you have not purchased any paid storage service or paid relevant service fee, we will destroy the expired goods. The destroyed goods can no longer be stored or shipped. Usually, we will send you a reminder email 3 days before and on the day of destruction. After the destruction of goods, you will have no right to claim the destroyed goods from SHOPV or apply for any compensation.

IV.Account Registration, Use and Cancellation


After you visit the account registration page on our website (, please fill in the necessary information and complete the registration. After verification, you will get a SHOPV account to use services provided by SHOPV and access SHOPV back-office. You are obliged to provide authentic information for registration, guarantee the validity and security of your email address and other data, and ensure that SHOPV can contact you via the contact information provided above. Moreover, you are also obliged to update the registration information in a timely manner according to actual situation, and ensure that you will not register or be verified through SHOPV using information of someone else. For the purpose of risk control, SHOPV will decide whether to create an account for you.


1.Identity data will serve as the basis for your identification, so please keep them safe. Operations and instructions based on identity date are deemed as your own acts. If the account, passwords and other information have been misused or stolen due to reasons attributable to you, the risks and losses therefrom shall be borne by you.

2.When you login with your SHOPV account on a new device for the first time, we may verify your identity through email.

3.Your account can only be used by yourself, and please do not transfer, lend and give it to someone else. Otherwise, the risks and losses therefrom shall be borne by you.

4.For the safety of your account please check the operation rules or carefully decide whether to grant authorization to the operation team at your own discretion in advance when using SHOPV services.

5.All your transactions and deductions (including those associated with SHOPV) on SHOPV will be deemed that you have authorized us to make automatic deductions through the SHOPV system or manual deductions by our financial staff according to the fee standards for the related services, cooperation agreement signed by both parties in advance and other operation rules.

V.Authorization for Automatic Deduction by SHOPV

The authorization under this Agreement shall be confirmed by you to SHOPV, and has a legal effect. Please carefully read and fully understand this article. Especially, you shall focus on the disclaimer or limitation of liability. Only after you have read and accepted this article that you will have the right to use SHOPV services, such as automatic renewal and automatic deduction. Agreeing to this article indicates that you have granted the authorization for automatic deduction by SHOPV and voluntarily bear all legal consequences therefrom. If you have any doubts, you can consult our customer service via +86 15067917309.

SHOPV will request your authorization for the first deduction. Check this option indicates that you have authorized SHOPV to deduct the corresponding amount from your SHOPV account balance according to the transaction instructions for the service you have selected, and SHOPV will no longer verify your authorization information for subsequent deductions.

You must keep a sufficient account balance for deduction, otherwise the responsibilities for delayed deductions or deduction errors and failures due to insufficient balance shall be borne by you. The liabilities such as the failure to timely transfer and payment and transfer errors due to reasons not attributable to any party shall not be borne by SHOPV.

You shall confirm that if you have suffered economic losses attributable to SHOPV, you shall settle it through negotiation with SHOPV.

VI.Must-knows for Using SHOPV User Services

(i)Minimal Account

1. The Minimal Account is allocated with the basic function of the business operation of one-piece commodity agent delivery, including store binding, automatic order fulfillment automatic bag carrying and other functions. The newly registered user account system is set to minimal account by default. If order operation is required during store business, it is authorized to our operation team to handle on behalf by default. The service or operation expenses generated during the handling will be automatically withheld by the system or manually withheld by the financial staff according to the service expenses publicized on SHOPV official website or negotiated by both parties in advance.

(ii)In order to effectively protect your legitimate rights when you are using our services, we remind you to pay attention to

matters related to identity verification:

During your registration and use of our services, please provide legal true, effective, accurate and complete information (according to actual operation needs, such information may include real name, nationality, business license, contact information, occupation and mailing address). In order to inform you of the changes in account information in time and better protect your account security, please inform us in time or make adjustments and updates on the SHOPV back-office in time in case of any changes.

(iii)Under the following circumstances, we may suspend or terminate SHOPV user services for

your SHOPV account:

1.You have violated the laws and regulations or this Agreement.

2.Your account may be at risk (for example, your SHOPV account has not been used for a long time and there are certain security risks).

3.You get involved in infringement or violations of business ethics and the principle of good faith during business activities.

4.Others have filed a complaint against you and have provided some evidence.

5.You may have used other people's account by mistake, or have been verified for identity with other people's account.

(iv)Rules for SHOPV User Services

1.The usage records, transaction data, etc. of your account are subject to our system logs. In case of any doubt on such data, you can promptly contact us, and we will actively verify it based on the relevant evidence provided by you.

2.SHOPV manages your account balance and cash flow through prepayments (account top-ups), system deductions, deductions/refunds by financial staff. Please ensure that your account balance is sufficient when you use the related SHOPV services.

3.In order to better use the services, you shall comply with this Agreement operation must-knows published on SHOPV website and email we send you when using SHOPV services.

4.We will send you a notice in such ways as website-based notifications, emails and inbox messages. For example, we may inform you of the transaction development or remind you of related operations, so you need to pay close attention.

5.You shall bear the risks of currency devaluation and exchange rate fluctuation when using our services. You have total ownership and control over the amount charged (account top-ups) or paid (deductions for paying related expenses, packing and other operations) by us on your behalf.

6.Service Inquiry and Complaint If you have any question when using our services, you can contact us via+86 15067917309 or through our online customer service. In order to protect the legitimate rights of you and others, if you are complained by others or have complained about others, we may provide your name, identity information, contact information, business scope, complaint details and other information to the arbitration authority holding the jurisdictions for a timely settlement. Moreover, for the purpose of protecting the life, property and other substantial legitimate rights under the condition that it is difficult to obtain your consent, we may provide your name, identity information, contact information, business scope, complaint details and other information to the other party, except those expressly prohibited by laws and regulations.

(v)Commitments and Statements

1.The money topped-up into your SHOPV account will always be stored there as balance, which will not be used by us for other purposes.

2.You can access all the related services of dropshipping and Store Agency Service with your SHOPV account.


1.If you breach this Agreement, prior agreements (SOP) or related website instructions, operation must-knows and rules published on SHOPV web pages when using our services, we have the right to stop you from using related services without any liability for damages.

2.Please note that if the related services are provided oy a third party, which is indicated on SHOPV web page or by other means, any problem or dispute (if any) arising therefrom shall be settled with the third party through negotiation when you use such services.

3.The goods sold by SHOPV are all purchased from the People's Republic of China and mainly meet the standards of the People's Republic of China concerning quality, safety, hygiene, environmental protection and marking of goods. There may be differences or conflicts with the standards of your country, so you should identity by yourself and bear the relevant risks.

(vii)Service Fees

When you use our services, we have the right to charge you some fees for service or operation. The specific service fees are subject to the price published on SHOPV website ( or other written agreement made between you and us. Unless otherwise stated or agreed herein, your completion of the account registration indicate that we have obtained your authorization by default to collect or deduct service fees or operation fees from your account balance in case you use our services.

VII.User's Commitments on Legitimate Use of SHOPV Services

(i)You shall abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, as well as the laws and regulations of the country or region where you were born, live in or carry out operation or other businesses, and shall neither use our services for illegal purposes (including transactions involving prohibited or restricted items), nor use our services in any illegal way.

(ii)You shall not use our services to infringe upon others' legitimate rights or violate national laws and regulations, otherwise we have the right to investigate, delay or stop providing related services, and you shall bear the relevant legal responsibilities therefor. If we or other parties suffer from any loss, you shall be liable for compensation.

(iii)The situations where section i and ii above are applicable include but are not limited to the following:

1.You infringe upon the legitimate rights of others such as reputation, privacy, trade secrets, trademark, copyrights and patent;

2.You breach the confidentiality obligations;

3.You use our services by using / stealing other people's account;

4.You are suspected of conducting illegal transactions, such as the sales of guns, drugs, banned medications, pirated software, pornographic articles, and other items that are not allowed to be traded using SHOPV services.

5.You engage in activities that may cause damages to our service system, as well as the intellectual property rights or data of our system.

(iv)The account shall only be used by yourself, and you shall promise to open and use your account according to the procedure.

(v)You shall understand that our services depend on the accurate operation and processing of the system. In the event of system errors or malfunctions, you may agree that we can take appropriate corrective measures such as error correction and deduction.

(vi)You shall not engage in the following acts: crack our systems and programs through reverse engineering; copy, modify, compile, integrate or tamper with the above systems and programs (including but not limited to source programs, target programs, technical documents and server data), or modify/change the functions of our system.

(vii)You shall neither use nor allow a third party to use SHOPV User Services or obtain data relating to SHOPV User Services through programs other than proprietary programs of SHOPV, machines, scripts or crawlers, or by other automated methods. You can only use SHOPV User Services manually by yourself or through an Agency Service Team designated by SHOPV.

VIII.Protection of User's Rights and Information

(i)Commitments on Protection of User's Rights

We have been adhering to the principle of "Always Professional, Customers-First", and strive to provide top-notch services for you in the course of international e-commerce business. To better protect your legitimate rights when using our services, we promise to protect your right to know, right to select on your own, right of fair trade, right to be respected as well as your data security.

(ii)User Allowance & Compensation

We will always attach great importance to keeping your money safe and promise not to misappropriate or occupy any user's money. If you suffer from any loss of money when using our services due to the fact that your SHOPV account has been stolen, we will provide you with some allowance and compensation as agreed by both parties herein.

(iii)Information Protection

For technical reasons and to improve your user experience, when your web browser accesses SHOPV service or other content provided by us or third parties on other websites on our behalf, we will automatically collect and store your usage and behavior information of SHOPV via Cookies, and freely use the desensitized pure commercial data when the data has be=n desensitized so that it no longer points to or is associated with your personal identity information. We will always attach great importance to the protection of users' information, and will not provide your personal information, trade secrets and other information to any third party without your consent. If you want to delete Cookies, or to learn more about the information to be collected, we suggest that you read our Privacy Policy ( carefully and thoroughly, which will better ensure the safety of your personal information.

IX.Force Majeure, Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

(i) Exceptions

If we cannot provide services as we normally would due to the following reasons, we shall be exempted from liability:

1.System down for maintenance or upgrading;

2.Force Majeure events such as typhoons, earthquakes, floods, lightning or terrorist attacks:

3.Fault(s) of your electronic equipment hardware and software, communication lines and power supply lines;

4.Use of our services because of your improper operation or in other ways not authorized or approved by us;

5.Attacks by viruses, Trojan horses, and malicious programs, as well as network congestion, system instability, system or device faults, communication faults, power faults, bank reasons, third-party service defects or government acts and other reasons. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, we will take reasonable actions to actively restore normal services.

(ii) Limitation of Liability

We may provide our services to you and your competitors at the same time. You agree to expressly waive any actual or potential conflicts of interest in such possible actions, and shall not claim our legal flaws in providing services.

X.Related Rules and Agreements

To ensure that you can better use SHOPV User Services, you shall also read and abide by other agreements or rules published on SHOPV website. If some provisions of the foregoing agreements or rules are found to be invalid, it shall not affect the validity of other contents.

XI.Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

1.Our and our affiliates' systems as well as the contents published on the SHOPV website (including but not limited to pictures, website structure, website picture arrangement and web design) are our intellectual property rights owned by our company according to law, including but not limited to trademark rights, patent rights and trade secrets.

2.You shall not use, modify, decompile, copy, publicly distribute, change, distribute, release or publicly publish SHOPV website programs or contents without our or our affiliate's written consent

3.You should regard respecting intellectual property rights as your obligation, and in case of any violation, you should be liable for damages.

4.The goods sold by SHOPV are primarily in compliance with the relevant intellectual property rights of the People's Republic of China. However, due to the regional influence of intellectual property rights, the relevant intellectual property rights of your country may be infringed. You should identify by yourself and waive the right to claim any compensation from SHOPV platform.

5.If any organization or individual believes that any content on the SHOPV website may infringe its intellectual property rights, it can notify us through online customer service or email to [email protected] in a timely manner. We will verify upon receipt of the notice and remove the infringing content, but we will not assume any relevant legal liability.

XII.Governing Law

1.The validity, interpretations, modifications, performance and dispute settlement of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China. The disputes arising from this Agreement shall be settled in accordance with the laws of the People's Republic of China. SHOPV holds and reserves the right of final interpretation of this Agreement.

2.Both parties shall resolve all disputes arising out of the performance of this Agreement by looking to first settling the issue through friendly negotiation. Should negotiation fail, either party has the right to apply to Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration for arbitration. The arbitration shall take place in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China, and the language of arbitration shall be Chinese.