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SHOPV is the abbreviation of SHOP Value.

Relying on the group's 10-years logistics supply chain resources, SHOPV came into being to

undertake more comprehensive cooperation needs such as product selection and procurement.

We can recommend best selling products for you depending on your request. You can also provide us with links to the products you want us to find.
Yes, we can provide you with high-quality items from China that you want to sell at a much lower price. If in case we cannot find the product, we will immediately notify you and provide you with similar items.
Yes, you have the option to do brand logo/flyer/business cards or custom packages with us.
Yes, we can make professional pictures of your products at a very affordable price. Besides, we can also make a video of your products.
The specific arrival time of your product will depend on the shipping distance, shipping method, off-season, peak season, weather and multiple reasons.
We mostly do bulk orders, and we can also do a single product but depending on its quantity.
No. Our products prices are much cheaper than Aliexpress.
The price is per package sent (per SKU).
You will be the one to list the products that you want to sell. We only fulfill orders and source products to you. Product listing is not included on our services.
We are not taking care of the marketing, but we can give you some tips to scale your business.
Yes, if you're selling products online.
Once your product arrives at our warehouse, it goes through a comprehensive receiving process. The quantities and product information are checked and verified against the provided packing slip. Any discrepancies are promptly reported to an Account Manager who will then contact you directly to remedy any order inconsistencies. Product weights are taken and recorded in our system to ensure that the right postage is applied to each of your orders. Each product received is recorded in our receiving logs for quick reference. Once the product is received completely, the product is placed in its designated storage location and the product quantities are added to the SHOPV dashboard inventory page, which provides real-time inventory management.
Send an ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice). It will inform SHOPV of how many units we will be receiving from your supplier. An ASN is electronic information concerning a single shipment of movable units sent to a WMS from suppliers and sent from a WMS to customers. If you do not have this capability, please contact your sales manager for further information.
As long as the order is not "Shipped" or "Processing," you or your account manager can place the order on hold, meanwhile you could make changes to address information, or cancel the order. Changes to the shipping method or products can only be made by your account manager.
Upon shipping your order, the dashboard will pass the shipped status along with a related tracking number (if applicable) to your CRM system. Depending on the capabilities of your CRM or E-Commerce platform, a "Shipped" confirmation email may be generated by your CRM/E-Commerce platform and sent to your consumer.
If the order status is not "Shipped" or "Processing," you can change the address by clicking on the edit icon in the "Actions" column. Once the order is open, select the "Shipping address" tab and update any information that is needed. Click "Save" and you are done!
If your order is lost or damaged, we will file a claim for you. If you are sending us a package through your own shipper, you will need to file the claim with them.
Please notify your sales manager prior to your product arriving so the Receiving Team is expecting it and can make proper arrangements based on the size of the shipment. You also need to send us an ASN(Advanced Shipping Notice) on SFS(SHOPV Fulfillment System) before your product arrives.
SHOPV accepts credit cards, wire transfers, PayPal and Payoneer payments.
No, our agreement can be terminated by either party with a 30 days prior notice.
No, SHOPV does not charge a set up fee before any account set up occurs.
We brand your package and save you a lot of time. Our prices are lower than Aliexpress. With us, you don't need to handle anything. Just focus on your marketing.