What is the Difference Between International Air Freight and Air Dispatch?

May 14,2024
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International air transport and international air dispatch are the two main methods of international logistics transportation. How to choose which method according to your own business

International air transport and international air dispatch are the two main methods of international logistics transportation. Which method to choose depends on factors such as the nature of the goods, transportation time requirements, and budget.

International Air Transport

International air transportation refers to the transportation of goods through airlines, including direct flights, transfer flights, cargo charter flights, etc. It is a mode of transportation that uses airplanes and other aircraft to transport people, goods, and mail on international routes. The transportation time of international air freight is relatively short, and it is suitable for transporting items with tight time and high value. In addition, international air transportation has various modes of transportation, and you can choose the appropriate flights and routes according to your needs.

International Air Freight and Air Dispatch

Typically used to transport larger quantities of goods, usually over 45kg. Offering an "airport to airport" service, the shipper is responsible for transporting cargo to and from the airport.

Does not include door-to-door delivery or customs clearance services. Use standard air waybill documentation and track via airline website. Generally more suitable for heavier hauls where cost is more important than speed.

International air dispatch

International air dispatch, that is, air freight plus delivery, is a more comprehensive international logistics service. It refers to air freight from the departure airport to the destination airport, and then the terminal logistics provider is responsible for entry customs clearance, duty payment, airport pickup, and warehouse warehousing. Distribution and other delivery services. In addition to the time of air transportation, the transportation time of international air dispatch also includes customs clearance, delivery, etc., so its transportation time is relatively long, which is suitable for items that are not urgent in transportation time and have low value. In addition, the mode of transportation for international air dispatch is relatively simple, mainly air freight plus delivery services.

Ideal for smaller loads (usually under 20kg). Offering door-to-door delivery services from shipper to final destination. Includes customs clearance and handling at origin and destination. Use courier companies such as DHL, FedEx, UPS and their own tracking systems. More expensive but faster shipping times, especially for remote destinations.

The main differences between international air freight and air dispatch are freight size, service coverage (airport-to-airport vs. door-to-door), customs processing, documentation, and the trade-off between cost and speed.

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