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Follow these steps to connect your SHOPV account with your Magento store.

1.Download the compressed file, unzip it. You need to merge the app folder with the one in the Magento files. Note that there is a file named container.phtml in both of the folders, DO NOT overwrite it. Edit the container.phtml file from SHOPV, copy the contents in the red box, and paste them into the container.phtml file of Magento.
2.Open App > code > local folder and App > etc folder, copy these folders to the same location of Magento files.
3.Enter Magento backstage, Click System > Configuration > ADVANCED > Advanced, find SHOPVOrder_Order, SHOPVOrder_Prefix, SHOPVOrder_Api and SHOPVSku_Sku in Disable Modules Output, set them as Enable, then click Save Config to Save the setting. If you can't find these four in the Disable Modules Output after the integration, please refresh after saving the configuration.
Configure the operating
4.Enter the page Sales > Order, if you can see the Create Order, Create SKU, Set Prefix and Set Apikey buttons, it means that the plug-in has been installed successfully.
Plug-in installation